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So you are pregnant and your hormones are changing.

They are affecting the way you think, feel and the way you look, the way your relationships are formed and sustained,

your dream patterns and your fears. How will you cope with it all?

Usually pregnancy satisfies a deep and instinctive biological need, a natural outcome of maturation from childhood

through adolescence to womanhood.

Transition from woman to Mother is often smooth, but some find it emotionally challenging.

  A positive attitude to your changing body shape and appearance will help keep you

 uplifted. Thinking of your roundness as ripening, glorying in your fertility, an earthy fullness and a reaffirmation

of life, will give you confidence and pride in your developing body and that of your unborn child. By trusting your

body’s ability to change and adapt to the needs of your baby, many problems can be overcome. It is important to

remember that the changes occurring during pregnancy are only temporary and the body will return to its ‘normal’

state, once your baby is born, in its own time.  Enjoying the body, with the experience of deepened sensory

consciousness during pregnancy, through touch, sound, and vision will aid the positive emotional path with pleasure,

joy and a fulfilling sense of expectation.

As the pregnancy progresses, skin, hair and nails often improve and a developing glow of health occurs as you sense 

the baby growing inside you. In my experience the 'New Mum' can’t wait to get into maternity clothes…although this

isn’t always so… and tell the world she is expecting a baby.

Although pregnancy for all women is a challenging and sometimes difficult time it is also a

period of growth mentally, physically and psychologically; a time of beauty and inner peace; a time to acknowledge

their femininity.  For most women, it allows them to feel whole and complete human beings, offering the opportunity

of understanding and expansion of oneself.  This initiates stronger, closer relationships with their partner, families

and friends thus completing the circle of life.

My Experience

As a woman, Mother of 3 boys and Grandmother of 10;

I love the whole maternity process from 

pre-conception to the post-natal stage.

Consequently I have been fortunate to play an active part

for  most of my families pregnancies, birth and post-natal stages. 

As an Holistic massage therapist specialising in maternity, I aim to give my mums-to-be, time, understanding, support and a safe space to be able to unwind and relax. 

Service Name

Massage for Pregnancy

I completed a post graduate training in massage for pregnancy and feel very honoured and privileged to be able to offer this.

50 mins £32

Follow up appointments within a 4 week period £30.

I always make sure my 'mummies' are happy to travel after treatments and a drink is offered before you leave.

You can come with a friend, partner or member of the family and they are welcome to wait whilst you have your treatment...often have tea and cake is on offer!

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What our customers are saying

Thank you Jill, for looking after myself and Lauren so well yesterday.

Lauren loved her pregnancy massage - we will sort out her next visit and get back to you asap.  My facial was so relaxing...nearly fell asleep at one stage.  See you soon.